Football blog

Hello, my name is Iain, and I have a love for everything to do with soccer. This blog is a place to share my ramblings, be it about managerial sackings, team performances, or even the state of the beautiful game.

I will also be sharing with readers some handy guides on how to play soccer, so keep your eyes peeled for information about player positions, team tactics, the type of equipment used, and football training drills.

As a youngster growing up, football became a regular part of my life when I went to see West Ham United games with my father and a few of his friends. From that point onward, I have fallen in love with the game.

That is something that has carried on through my older years, taking my own sons to the game. They seem to love watching them play as much as I did, and with the modern game so much more faster paced, there is plenty more excitement given to the crowd, with players like Payet a joy to watch.